Monday, July 28, 2014

Living Room Updates

Summer has taken over my life, entirely!  We've been taking advantage of this summer break more than past years, and I'm really chalking it up to the fact that the kids are just older now and no one needs a nap during the day (okay that's not always accurate).  So this past month has just been filled with lots of pool days, beach days, and whatever else we have the time for between my school classes.  So in between all of that, my living room got a little make-over.  If you follow along on Instagram, you'd have seen the arm chair I picked up on CL for only $50. It's the perfect size for the space and I'm in love with the white cover, so far so good, the white is working for us.  And to complete the look I found this coffee table from Target for only $35 on sale weeks ago, their clearance end caps are no joke people.  

But what we really needed, was a new sofa. The older one just wasn't cutting it and I knew we could afford to budget for one.  So before we purchased one...I needed to be sure that whatever we bought, I was going to love.  So I went perusing through my Pinterest boards to see what sofas caught my eye.  I knew that even though I loved some of the more modern sofas with their straight lines, and highly considering a chesterfield, I knew a traditional sofa with an English roll arm was more what I was looking for.  Trying to decide on whether the couch should be skirted or not was another factor I needed to think about.  But over any of those things, I needed to make sure that the next couch we bought was soft, deep enough, a lighter fabric, easy to clean, and comfy enough to take Sunday naps on.  

What I ended up finding was this sofa from Ashley Furniture, which surprisingly checked off on almost everything on my wish list.  First and foremost: it is comfy! We all want a sofa that is pretty but what good is it, if it's not tushy proof?! Next, it has a traditional English arm roll--and I swoon.  Third:  The fabric is soft yet durable in a yet medium grey.  And lastly, we walked in when the store was having a sale and got this baby on sale.  I think it was written in the stars that she was supposed to be ours.  

The pillows that came with the sofa are stacked in my bedroom for now, awaiting new covers that I haven't yet chosen.  But I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the pillows that came with the sofa are feather-down and have removable covers, hallelujah!  So now the hunt is on for some fabulous pillows.