Saturday, August 30, 2014

Weekend Reading

I've been MIA for most of the summer and majority of this spans from just living in my so-called moments. We took little day trips around SoCal with the kids, doing the tourist thing.  I think a big part of being a parent is just seeing how excited your kids get when they experience something new--it's the best kind of gift as a parent.  

And so, between school and running around with the kids, I haven't made much time for projects or extra fluff. And I am definitely okay with this.  I've been trying not to get wrapped up in blogging for no purpose.  Not that it has to be some life altering post on pillows or vignettes.  I've just stepped back from blogging in general; trying to get away from the whole idea of, "what I think I should be doing" as a blogger.  I'll blog when I think it's necessary and not because I have to.  Doing this helps me focus on what I really love about design and the small details that make it my own and not just like the next person.      

I'm letting go of expectations for my home and myself--and just doing exactly what I love, without fear that I'm not measuring up to the next.

Happy labor day weekend!

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  1. I love this Sara! And I totally agree; I've been trying to do the same, not stress so much about how often I post. I've slowed down quite a bit too. I love these pictures of your house; it's so pretty so I love getting peeks at it!