Thursday, September 11, 2014

Simple Fall Decor

I love the change in seasons just as much as the next person, and while we don't see a whole lot of traditional "fall" here in SoCal...I still feel a slight change in temperature and by slight, I mean like instead of 100 or 90 degrees, our low is in the 60's--50's at best.  But then again that means I can still wear sandals year round--feel bad for me now?  Yeah, didn't think so.  But even with the small change in weather, I still like to modify my home to feel a bit more cozy than the rest of the year.  As my taste in home decor has certainly changed, I've thrown out most if not all of my fall pumpkins and faux fall leaves (yes, those dreaded things).   And so I've opted for small and simple changes around the house that make my home a bit more dramatic and cozy. 

Use sticks or pussy willows for a fall tablescape.  Whether it's your entry table, dining, or side table..having a bit of these in your home gives it an instant feel of the outdoors while eliminating the need to water anything or killing it.  


The Design Files

Swapping out your curtains for something in a darker shade adds of a bit of drama and makes the room feel warmer.   

Cote De Texas

And if you don't have anything on those windows--well add some this year!!!  By adding curtains to a room it instantly feels more complete.  So even if you don't normally hang curtains, try it now, you will not regret it.  


Swap out your lampshade for a black one.  You may think that going darker might make your home more depressing, but it will not.  Again, adding a bit of drama to the room instantly creates more contrast to the space.  And I think every room should not be without a touch of black.  

Bring in natural elements.  Bowls, vases, urns--they're all welcome.  

The Seaside Style

Pillows are also a must, especially if you want to create some warmth within your home.  And they're easily the least expensive way too.  Soft pillows with texture are what you should look for.  My two favorites are velvet and something either soft like a mohair or cable knit.  

Home Bunch

These mossy green pillow covers are absolutely stunning.  I could just imagine how perfect they would look on my all white bed.  Perfection.

Studio Tullia

And this diy cable knit sweater pillow from Sarah at Dipple Dumpling is lovely.  And the twig buttons??--holy mama. This one takes the cake.  

Diddle Dumpling

I love finding simple ways to invite the fall season into my home, without adding more "stuff".  I think what gets me feeling like fall are the simple everyday items that remind me of snuggling on the couch or smelling cinnamon and pumpkin from the kitchen.  Now to find me a sweater to tear apart and make that darn pillow.  

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