Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Target sales not to miss!

It's no surprise I'm a fanatic when it comes to Target.  I could set up shop and live there if I could...but seriously no, I love perusing around Target and like most--find myself leaving with more than what I came in for.  For the past few years they've been killing it with their collections and each season seems to just get better and better.  My little secret is that I don't normally buy any of it at full that cheap?  I don't know, probably.  But I feel like it gives me more time to think about my the item and if I really want it.  So when they start to clearance things out, I'm pretty much ready to either buy it or leave it at the store.  And when they start to clearance things out--you better be ready or just really patient.  Some things go fast and others stay around for a bit--but it's pure luck if you can wait it out.

For example, my coffee table.  This metal and wood boxed coffee table was originally $120 or something around that number.  Well, after the collection had come and gone...they still had a couple of these out and had marked them down to $80 and then to $50.  Still not convinced I needed another coffee table (since we had a similar one I hacked from IKEA), so I ignored it.  But one afternoon I ran across it again only this time they had marked it further down to $35.  A lot larger than my small Ikea coffee table, I was convinced we needed something bigger so it was all over after that and I snagged her right up.

While these are just a few things I spotted online in the clearance section...your own Target may have marked certain items even lower.  And if you're patient enough, you can get really lucky.  

Are you a clearance fanatic like myself?  What was your latest find?


  1. I love all these picks. I was just at Target today and really had to control myself.

  2. Great find on the coffee table! I can't visit Target without coming home with some kind of new decor piece.