Saturday, October 11, 2014

Weekend Reading

It's the weekend friends! As if you didn't already know, right?? I'm probably the one person alive who isn't at all really excited for the weekend...if I wasn't a mother it'd probably be different, and I'd be super stoked about having time off from work and just relaxing watching reruns of The Office or some other Netflix show.  But alas, motherhood never takes a break, and the weekend is no different than the next day.  This past week I was able to take a little tour of a local historical building, Kimberly Crest, all by myself, while the hubby took over at home for few short hours.  It was amazing and I wish I could have shared it with my family, but this type of tour was hands-off, which was even harder for myself!  It was amazing.

This past week I've scoped out a few things I'm still debating about and others that you might enjoy as well....

I've been scoping out Halloween costumes for the family, or rather just hoping that this year might be the year we actually do one.  But I had fun scoping out what everyone else has done.

Have you been to the pumpkin patch yet?  This outing is by far my favorite thing to do during fall, maybe this year we'll do the corn maze.  And if I'm feeling particularly adventurous maybe try my hand at one of these unique pumpkins.

I thought this read on Why is it Hard to Make Friends Over 30 quite interesting.  

I'm in love with this Welcome Fall Dinner Party!  

I hope you're able to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather, wherever you are!  

Have a beautiful weekend!

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