Saturday, November 29, 2014

Catching up & some Holiday Decor

Wow--I really did not think I would miss blogging as much as I did.  I wasn't that great to begin with and never had any kind of schedule or set days of blogging but I think I've missed writing and talking about the things I love.  What I need to do is stop worrying about how important or unimportant my words are and just write.  I over think things then start getting critical of myself and what I'm doing, and that when I tend to close up and not share.  It all seems so counterproductive and then I miss out on learning and growing.  So here's to trying my best at just writing; pushing all the mean-girl thoughts in my head to the way side.

So to recap the past week, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  And I hope you did too. :)  The hubs had a football game in the morning and the kids and I tagged along to watch and play on the playground.  Afterwards we went home watched a quick Christmas movie (because I just couldn't wait) and then we all got dressed and drove up to have dinner with the hubs family.  

I was bummed we didn't get a family picture all together, but there's always next year, right?  This year I didn't join the throngs of crazies on Black Friday or Thanksgiving.  I know, I know...I was one of the bad ones who went out on Thanksgiving last year.  But in my defense, my sisters made me do it.  Ha!  No, it was kind of nice getting the shopping out of the way and not having to lose sleep waiting in line the night before in the freezing.  And it probably helped that I am trying to only get things the kids really need and not just because.  

So this morning, given my lack of self restraint for missing all the craziness...I headed over to Home Depot to see if I could get me some $5 dollar garland.  And sure enough they still had some...I patiently walked over to the bins while trying to hold back from full on sprinting towards them.  Now to figure out where to put it.

Holiday decorations completely came out this past week and I realized we needed a skirt or something around the tree. Last year I had used a soft faux fur blanket, but sadly that blanket didn't last through the year and I needed one ASAP. Trying to kill two birds with one stone, I wanted to get another faux fur blanket for the tree now and one that would be great for snuggling with afterward. HomeGoods always has a great selection and I knew they wouldn't fail me now, so I picked this one up for only $14.95.  I love how cozy it makes the tree look and how easy it will be to use it afterwards when lounging on the couch.  

I tell myself every year that this will be the year I won't buy anymore Christmas decor...and then I cave.  How does one gain that kind of self control??

Happy decorating, friends!