Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Decorating the Apartment for Christmas: Home Tour

Are we ready for the Christmas, or are we ready for Christmas??  Is anyone every really ready?  I think we all have this super ginormous expectation of what we believe the holiday's are supposed to be....
getting Christmas pictures done before December comes to that I can get my cute Christmas cards sent out in perfect time, baking with the kids where we think we won't mind them making a mess, getting all the decorating done in a certain amount of time, and being okay with the ornaments on the tree getting rearranged twenty times a day, and perfectly wrapping your gifts with all the decadence of a magazine only to find out that you can't match the ribbon to match the wrapping paper to save your life.  Oh, and trying to get your Christmas "bucket list" of all the fun things to do during the month with the kids...pfft! 
Yeah, never gonna happen.  I get sucked into all the hype every year, wanting to do more and bake more so that I can be sure to check every one of my to-do items off of my list.  Does anyone else's head hurt from all the crazy hype that goes on during this so called peaceful and joyous season??  I did and I decided to stop the madness before it went any further. So instead of putting on the pressrue--we didn't even get family pictures taken, let alone getting cards out at all. I didn't finish decorating until yesterday, to which I am perfectly okay with.  And I threw out my holiday "bucket to-do" list. Why do we do this?!  I decided to just do what came naturally to us...when we felt the need to do something Christmasy, we did it.  No pressure necessary.  And I finished decorating when I could and not worrying myself about a timeline.  And you know what? still feels like Christmas.  

Now onto the main meat of this post.  Decorating a rental.  We've been renting ever since we were first married.  And of course we hope to own one day, but that day is not today.  Today, we rent.  And that means that our little home comes with aspects that are not so pretty or are completely awkward.  While I don't want to spend extra money on frivolous things for a rental, I think that making your space work for you is worth it and will make you happy in the long run.  

For starters, we don't have a fireplace or any architectural focal point in our main living areas.  They rooms are totally boring and lacking in personality.  So I have to create them.  While the space also lacks in character, it also lacks in square footage.  So with little to no space, I keep items at bay by not over filling it.  With Christmas here, I had to pull out my end table to fit our Christmas tree.  And with no fireplace, I hung our stockings on a cute little diy board hanger.   

While I don't shy away from decorating for the holidays in our apartment, I keep things simple with a few key pieces and try not to overwhelm my space with extra stuff.   I kept the coffee table filled with key basics like books, my favorite candle, and my regular accessories.  Adding in a holiday piece that matches is perfect and still adds to your vignette.  

The apartment is what it is.  I can't change the layout, the placement of windows, or the fact I have carpet on the stairs (bleh).  But, I can make it my own with the things that I love and make it look like a hundred bucks--without a lot of fluff.  Just like the holidays, it doesn't need all the extra fluff:  the extravagent gift giving, holiday bucket lists, picture perfect Christmas cards, or even more decor.  It just needs to look and feel like you.