Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 in Review...and Looking ahead to 2015.

The beginning of a new year is so refreshing and full of possibility, with hopes of renewing ones goals and starting new ones.  As I've mentioned in past New Year posts, I'm a live-in-my-moment-kind-of-gal and think that every day is a chance to start fresh and set a new goal.  But I still like the idea of beginning a New Year with goals and aspirations, and reflecting on the past and looking ahead to plan for something better.  The other day I came across a blog post from Meg, where she posted this little questionnaire to reflect on the past year.  I love this idea and think it may even help me to think intentionally about my new goals for the New Year.  And so, here are my answers to Reflect on 2014...

No. 1 
What was the most important thing you learned about yourself in 2014?

This year, in comparison to the past few years, haven't been any more difficult, although challenging it was not more so than the years prior.  This year proved to me that I have more value than I actually give myself credit for.  Between 2010 and 2013, I dealt with a lot of crappy stuff.  Things that made me reevaluate myself and who I was.  And in 2014, I felt a larger sense of self-worth. As a teen I was taught all about self-worth and how important this concept was to one's self, but I hadn't really gained that perception of myself.  I think we all gain it at different times in our lives, hopefully we all realize it sooner than later. But in 2014 I began to recognize the worth I have in this world and life and it truly helped to change my perspective and outlook in life.  While I know I can't change everything in this world, I do have the power to influence and make things happen in my own life.  

No. 2
What did you make / create / build this year?

Not only did I attend school full-time this year, I even happened to finish a few projects on the side.  At the start of the year, I refinished a mid-century credenza that had been sitting in my garage for the past two years. Another fun little table from Craigslist was refinished and given a new Lime Wash. I also participated in my first One Room Challenge (ORC) hosted by the lovely Linda at 'Calling it Home'.  While it was certainly fun to participate, it was a bit stressful trying to get everything finished before the end of the six weeks.  

No. 3
What did you overcome this year?

So help me, I did something this year I never thought I could ever achieve.  I actually overcame the impulse of buying things I don't really need.  Really, I did!!!  I know what you're thinking...she's lying.  No woman in her right mind could ever do that.  But I'm telln' ya.  I did.  It took me a few years, but I can honestly say that I did so well this year.  Years prior I'd buy anything because it was "cute" or because I thought I just had to have it.  But this year it was like I'd grown super powers and was finally able to find my inner, "Just say, no" button.  This one is definitely for the books.  Go me!

No. 4
What were your daily habits and rituals?

I hate to say it, but the only thing that was a daily habit was going to bed way too late and not drinking enough water.  My life pretty much has been just about trying to stay afloat with school, the kids, the kids school functions, remembering to feed my kids, and taking a shower.  I think 2015 needs to include doing something good for myself and my family.  Okay wait, I guess if there was one ritual I did have was that as a family, we did family prayer every night before the kids went to sleep.  We rarely if ever missed a night when we didn't say prayers I think that's something.  Right?

No. 5
What book or movie had a deep impact on you?  Why?

Heaven is For Real.  I lost my dad on Easter day, 2014. He was only 63 and he had a short battle with cancer before it took him.  Funny thing is, I grew up in a religious home, was taught about where we were before this life and where we'd go after.  I have a testimony of Jesus Christ and believe that there is something beyond this life we live here on earth.  I wish I could say that I had read the book, but sadly I did not and went with the quicker version of the movie.  It was pretty profound and made me think of my dad.  Maybe it was more about me missing my dad, but it gave me an overwhelming sense of faith and hope that we will be together again someday.  

No. 6
What did you focus on most?

This past year, I tried to focus on my family and myself.  I think like most what with social media bombarding my world, I would tend to get sucked in to the whole, "what are they doing?"  And forget that I had a life to live over here.  While I love getting inspiration from others and seeing what family and friends are doing on Facebook, I tried to focus on my own life and my own thing.  Because at times I'm sure I spent way more time than I'd like to admit looking at what other people were doing...and what kind of life is that?  Not one I want to have---that's for sure.

No. 7
What was your favorite compliment you received this year?

It came from my daughter, who is 6.  She said that when she grows up she wants to be an artist like me.  And while I consider myself no artist, it was the most genuine and sincere compliments I have ever received.  She steals my heart.

No. 8
If you could go back and change something, what would you do differently?

 Nothing.  Pretty insightful, huh?  

No. 9
What did you do for the first time this year?

This probably sounds really silly, but I actually had lunch all by myself this year.  Again, it sounds a little nutty and kind of stupid, I mean who cares, right?  I mean, I didn't actually go and eat at a sit down restaurant, but I did buy my lunch and eat at a table all by myself with no one there with me.  It was a little intimidating at first, but then I realized it wasn't so bad.  I actually was able to have some peace and quiet without my kids and someone constantly talking my ear off.  It was kind of liberating and yet I couldn't get the FRIENDS episode of Rachel eating by herself and people thinking she was a freak for eating alone out of my head. 

No. 10
What was the best purchase you made this year?

It would definitely have to be our new sofa.  I had been looking for an affordable English roll-arm sofa and we came across one that was not only comfortable but that was on sale too!  It was a match made in heaven, I tell ya.  We didn't have to put it on credit which was another huge plus and it was much larger than our previous one.  Definitely worth every penny.

I'm excited to see what the new year will bring and I have a few new goals I need to write down, but for now I'll let my little questionnaire simmer for a bit.  Here's to 2015!!

Happy New Year!!



  1. I look forward to your blogs!! I think you are an amazing young women who has both feet planted on the ground but still can have fun in this busy world. You have accomplished so much and have been generous in educating us with your decorating and designing knowledge. Even at age 70 I love what you do and your thoughts about things. You are an inspiration to me. So have a beautiful year, beautiful lady...

  2. I am always impressed when people can go to school and blog. You had an amazing year. Your positive attitude will shine through in 2015!