Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dining Room Update & Lantern Chandeliers

After what has seemed like an eternity, I've been tackling a few projects around the house.  While we don't own this home, it is still our home now, in the present day.  And both the hubby and I agree that while we won't be pouring tons of money into this house, we do think we can and will make some adjustments to make minor additions, especially when they are inexpensive and really simple to do.  When we first moved in, I noticed this sad little light in the dining room right away.  I mean, c'mon...we couldn't spend a little money on a simple hanging light?  I get it.  It doesn't need to be grand or extravagant...but anything besides this light would have been better.  

As I thought about what light would work in here, I knew that I wanted something simple and casual to go along with our dining room table and chairs.  The room has a lot of wood and so I immediately thought of this lantern light from World Market.  I love the simplicity of it and the scale of it is not large at all, which is perfect or our small dining room. I even managed to snag it on sale for only $80! That's music to anyone's ears, I'd say.

Here's a little before to remind you where we started....

And twenty minutes later.

The change is small but significant, but a nice change of scenery from that sad hall light lost a midst our vaulted ceilings.  A few more things are still in the works for this room including: curtains, artwork, and new slipcovers for the end chairs. So we're still a ways from finishing to say the least. While I feel this room would benefit from a few canned lights, given the fancy light I got from Home Depot really doesn't give off much light. I'm looking for a bulb that is specific for exposed lights but packs a much stronger light output.    

And to share, I've rounded up some really awesome hanging lights that start at just $99.  There really is something for everyone and for every budget, so don't be scared about the price tag.  Lighting really is important to a home and doesn't have to be completely utilitarian.  They help to set the tone of the room and can be an incredible focal point.  

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