Wednesday, March 11, 2015

House Pics

The past few months have been busy, to say the least.  What with school, packing, moving, and then being's definitely not been slow.  To bring you up to speed a bit, we moved out of our apartment in February.  It was a much needed move for our family and we are so happy with the decision.  We are still in the same city, since we absolutely love it here and the school's are wonderful, especially their Autism program for Benjamin.  

What made our move even more eventful was the fact that Benjamin actually got sick the Saturday before we moved, so packing was extra difficult.  And to top it all off, I got sick on the day we were moving.  Super awesome, right?  Chills, aches, and being lightheaded are not a winning combination when moving your family.  But I did what I had to do, and we got it done.  The rest of the week I spent laid out on the couch, hacking and coughing, thinking my chest was going to break.  The only silver lining I can take away from it all was the fact that Benjamin and I were sick together which made it easier for me to be sick (I think I'm crazy).  But he has ADHD and Autism, which keeps him going like the energizer bunny--which means mommy can not be sick.  But with us both being knocked out together and not feeling well, we spent the rest of our first week here sleeping on the couch and watching endless amounts of Netflix.  Good times.  

So here we are now...a month into being in our new (to us) home.  It's a great little home, with nothing extravagant about it.  It's three bedroom, two baths, living, dining room, and kitchen.  But the biggest take away is the backyard. We even have grass!  While I'm still in school full time, I've had little time to really get things decorated.  I've barely begun getting our things really organized in the house and doing some much needed purging.  Moving is great for that!  So to get down to business, I thought I'd show you where we are.  A few 'before' shots of the house first and hopefully in time I can show you the progress and changes we're making.  

The first shot is the front door which opens right into the living room.  I love the vaulted ceiling, it really makes the space seem so much larger.  And the light...oh, the light!  We get so much light in here and most windows are South facing.  We get lots of light but don't have the blaring sun beating in on us, which will be a big plus when summer hits. 

The front window in the living room is lovely.  I'd always imagined having a bay window when I was younger and I'm tickled that I get to enjoy one now.  I'm already thinking about Christmas.  Ha!

While I'm not much for cooking or being in the kitchen, I really love our kitchen.'s nothing spectacular.  But when you're coming from an itty-bitty kitchen with say--no cupboard space and no pantry.  You jump for joy when you get those things back.  And the light?!  Yes, that again.  It's a beautiful thing.

There are things I'm not too fond of, but I'm not one to focus on the I take it as a challenge to myself creatively.  How can I make this work?? The house has a lot of potential, even as a rental.  I've got a few projects in the works and things to add, pulling things out that I've had stored away that will finally have a home.  I'm super excited to get started and add a few new things that will make it more personal and homey for us all.

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  1. Good luck in your new place, Sara! What a nightmare for all the sickness going around during your move time, but it looks like you're settling into the new house and making it your own ... even if you can't do it quickly due to being so busy.